One – Time Events

There’s a first time for everything, and for some things it’s only the first time that really matters. Maybe you only get one chance to make a first impression, but with some things in life, you only get one chance, period, end of story, game over. Don’t blow it.

“Because of the shift to the Experience Economy, goods and services are no longer enough; -what consumers want today are experiences-memorable events that engage them in an inherently personal way”

Joseph Pine II

Disney may think it has the market cornered on the ultimate kiddy vacation, but we’ve got a news flash for Mickey and Friends – the real can’t-be-beaten Disney experience is the exclusive domain of the DreamMaker®.

From your private mansion tricked out from tip-to-toe with every Disney toy imaginable, to nightly pillow gifts for the little ones. And spin-your-own-pizzas, marching bands, cheerleaders bearing make-your own-sundaes’, magicians, loads of toys, pre-prepared backpacks and chauffeured Navigator’s to the door of the tram.

Whew! And upon your return, your butler and chef shall have a feast for your little prince and princesses whilst the Kings and Queens reflect upon the fairytale of the day just passed. And waiting in line for rides is what becomes the “make-believe”.

Watching the incredible floats of Carnival makes everyone’s heart beat just a little bit faster. Now imagine your pulse if you’re actually in the parade. After dinner with the real girl from Ipanema (and yes, she has stories about Frank), you’ll slip into your elaborate costumes and take a coveted spot on the float. At Carnival, there’s a thin line between adventure and danger -and we’ll keep you right on the edge.

“He’s gawking at the river of color that floods the Sambodromo’s narrow “avenida,” the sheer audacity of it all. But what’s bursting his heart, he tells me, is the fact a people can come together not to wage war or worship a favoured god, but in the cultivation of a collective “alegria”. English doesn’t have its equivalent, thought it might be loosely translated as collective happiness, even jubilation. It must be consciously cultivated and generously shared.”

Author Unknown

Palio defies description. Part Medieval custom, part bitter rivalry, this horse race in Tuscany involves everything from broken bones (horses and jockeys) to bodyguards who make sure each of the town’s seventeen rival clubs aren’t poisoning each other’s equines. Full of anticipation, intrigue, exhaustion, magic, blood, and blessings, Palio is an exhilarating celebration of the best and worst of man and beast. One other thing – the Palio doesn’t take kindly to outsiders. You can’t get your hands on the tickets we have. This is access on top of access, from the parties before and after, to your 700 year old villa just a short chauffeured drive away.

“The Palio only lasts for 90 seconds, but they are the most exciting seconds that can be lived in all Europe. The Palio is both allegory and reality. It has remained true to itself, adapting to time during the past centuries, which is why it has not become an artificial folk event.”

Yoeri Albrecht

Pamplona has become synonymous with The Running of the Bulls. El Encierro, “the enclosing”, may describe the narrow streets its bulls charge, but your eyes will only widen as your pulse quickens while you experience first hand what none before have seen—the spectacle that is Fiesta de San Fermin through the eyes of the DreamMaker®. The pilgrimage continues, fire up the jet, you’re off to El Bulli for dinner.

“Pamplona was perfect balance of unvarnished life and possible death. Lifetimes were lived in hours. Inhibitions fell to the wayside. Smiling was the only way of life. For my days there, this was life in another world”. Pamplona and San Fermin cannot be explained, they can only be experienced.”

Charles Leocha