Gregory Patrick is “The DreamMaker”. For over three decades, Gregory has honed his craft as an Experiential Artist to transform travel into an art form. He has been the exclusive domain of royalty, celebrity, and the uber wealthy. These clients whisper among themselves about him, and in reverent tones they call him The DreamMaker.

Now as its Chief Creative Officer , Gregory is making his services available to a select clientele who are ready to experience what it means to take a trip beyond the boundaries of homogenized luxury travel and adopt a new reality, in a world where travel becomes art. Each DreamMaker experience is as unique as your fingerprint. There is no such thing as “off the shelf” – only “off the map”.

Your desires, dreams, and fantasies define the borders of your trip, the DreamMaker designs your experience and his team executes the vision. You may not know exactly where you are headed, but once you arrive, your surroundings will seem destined. For the DreamMaker shall know you better than you know yourself.

You will not be able to put your finger on precisely when the DreamMaker experience begins, but suddenly you’ll realize you’ve left reality behind; you will never lift a finger, you will be carried; you will never simply arrive, you will make an entrance; you will not sightsee, but rather see visions; you will not just feast, but will dine upon your senses. Your five senses may know luxury, but for the DreamMaker that is merely the beginning.